Run: Scarham Creek      
Section: Lower      
Class: III+ (IV+) 125-500 cfs

IV (V) 500-900+ cfs
  Put-In: CR 409 Double Bridges    
Gradient: 60 (1st 1.1 mi.), 80   Take-Out: Short (State Park Office on Lake)    
Length: 2.1   Precip. Gages: Geraldine , Albertville    
Shuttle: CR 409 / Martling Gap Rd. / Rt. 227   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 26 B2    
Water Q: Primary Gage: The Bench    
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: see text    
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: Short (Rt 75 bridge) Town near Geraldine Locust at Cleveland
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: 16" 1000 1400
The upper end of class III is seen again.  Scarham is a nice step up if you like Town Creek. The is some introductory class III, then the real action begins with Ab's surprise, a run through the trees, then Munch Stop.  Ab's Surprise is the trickiest rapid above the confluence rapid. Scout right or left if you wish, there are at least three possible lines. Munch Stop has a big rock on the left which is a prudent scout depending on water level, though it changed dramatically in 2006. What used to be a good eddy was formed by a solid log jam on river left next to the big rock. The log jam has cleared and now most of the water goes under the left side of the big rock. It's certainly a scout and probably a walk now.

Several more good III's follow.  The last class III+ rapid is a fun eddy hop which increases in difficulty until you reach a slot on the left at the bottom. At high water, other routes are possible here too. Finally, confluence rapid (aka Terminator) is about 100 yards downstream. It is a IV+ to V- depending on your disposition and water level. After that,
Lower Short can be quite exciting if the water is high.  This run can actually be made to surprisingly low levels if you are willing to walk and scrape a few things.

You may see the rock bench at at the Double Bridges put-in on river right in the undercut outflow of Shoal Creek. If you do, flow under it is low and over it is high. Water in the top of the bench signals a high water run. There will be push on the bigger rapids and Lower Short may be Gauley-esque. What to do if it is too high or you just want a longer day? Well, you can run one of the tributaries.
Shoal is a nice additional few miles. Whippoorwill will add just a short warmup. Upper Scarham is an option as well. All these require at least medium water on Lower Scarham.