Run: Shoal Creek    
Class: II/III   Put-In: CR 372 (Oak Grove Rd) 
Gradient: 50, 50, 50   Take-Out: CR409 (Martling Rd) at Double Bridges
Length: 2.9      
Shuttle: CR372/CR 532 (Pea Ridge Rd)   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 26 A2/B2
Water Q: Primary Gage: Put-in Culvert
Links:  TOPO MAP Required Level: ? (Visual too)
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: Town
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: 1200
Tight but easy class II and III for high water days or recent rain.  Not much gradient but several fun rapids.  A slide just after the confluence with Whipporwill at mile 2.4 and the take-out bridge rapid are the toughest of the run.  Take the slide either left or right, the hole at the bottom can be sticky. Take out at the normal Scarham put-in at Double Bridges or continue down Scarham to Short and the lake. The Shoal / Scarham / Lower Short run is a full, fun day covering reasonable gradient varying from a mini-creek to a semi-big creek on Short. One river wide log as of 1/23/2000.

As with many of the upper and skinnier Sand Mountain runs, it does not take more than an inch+ of rain or so in mid-winter to be runnable. Town levels of 400+ or so are OK if you get there soon after the rains end when Town is still rising. There may still be a gage at the put-in but I don't know what the good levels are.