Run: Hubbard Creek      
Class: I (III)   Put-In: FR 210 bridge  
Gradient: ~25'/mile? (on Hubbard)   Take-Out: Cranal Rd (CR 60)    
Length: 9.25 (3.2 to Thompson)   Water Q:    
Shuttle: FR210/CR3434/CR60   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 23 B9    
Links: TOPO MAP Primary Gage: Takeout bridge (Sipsey, CR 60)    
  MAP Required Level: 2.0', 4.0' optimum    
  PICTURES Indicator Gage:      
  TRIP REPORT Required Level:      
You can put-in below Kinlock Falls, or above it if you want the thrill.  It is a straightforward III+ 24' high two part slide into a deep pool. If you like what you see, by all means have fun**.  Use extreme caution while walking along the path around the falls, the bluff walls are sheer and the footing can be treacherous during icy winter weather.  Fatalities have occurred in this area due to slips and falls.  The first mile below the falls is probably the most unique and beautiful in the state.  The stream is tiny, "micro" would best describe it.  The canyon walls plunge nearly directly into this water wonderland.  During winter, the canyon walls are coated with sheets of ice and long, sparkling icicles.  The stream is so small that at one drop, a wide beamed tandem canoe would probably not pass through.  After the first mile more feeder creeks join the flow and the bluff line backs slightly away from the waters edge.  Thompson Creek joins the flow to form the Sipsey River after 2.75 miles.  The trip description from this point on is the same as the Thompson Creek trip and includes one Class II/III rapid.  (Murray Carroll)

This is indeed a very beautiful run, especially so with leaves on the trees. As of June 2001, there were several logjams that had to be dealt with. Two of these were big and no fun. Still a great trip. These may be gone as of mid 2002. (**Mark D')

Sipsey Gage Correlation
USGS CR60 wood gage
cfs feet
744 4'+
600 3'+
380 2.4'
355 2.0'
220 1.5'
15 0.5'