Run: Thompson Creek    
Class: I (III)   Put-In: Northwest Rd (F.S. 208)
Gradient:     Take-Out: Cranal Rd/County Road 60
Length: 8.5   Water Q:
Shuttle:     Delorme Gazeteer: P. 23 B9
Links: TOPO MAP Primary Gage: Takeout bridge (CR 60)
  MAP Required Level: 1.5', 220 cfs
  PICTURES Indicator Gage:  
  TRIP REPORT Required Level:  
Optimum flow 4.0'. Thompson Creek is a narrow creek which flows south about 2.25 miles until it meets Hubbard Creek.  The combined flow of the two creeks forms the Sipsey River.  Below the confluence of the creeks, a long pool is encountered; this pool signals the approach of the only rapid on the Sipsey head waters.  The pool is dammed at the end with all the water funnelling into a chute on the left side of the river.  The chute breaks back slightly to the right at the base of the drop with the rocks obstructing a straight through run.  The total drop across the rapid is four or five feet.  The rapid is Class II at 2.0' and becomes a Class III at 3.6' (the highest level that I have observed).  Below the rapid, large boulders sporadically rest in the river and on the banks.  Bluffs line the river down the entire length.  A trip up the first large feeder branch south of the rapid will reward the hiker with a spectacular waterfall.  The waterfall is about 1/8 mile up the branch and out of sight of the river.  Just above the Borden Creek confluence is a small feeder creek on river left; just paddle up the creek and you will be at the base of Fall Creek waterfall.  After passing the Borden Creek confluence on river left, it's just a short paddle to the takeout. 

As of 2/3/02, there are two log jam portages on Thompson and five log jam portages on the upper Sipsey portion of the run.
(Murray Carroll)

Sipsey Gage Correlation
USGS CR60 wood gage
cfs feet
744 4'+
600 3'+
380 2.4'
355 2.0'
220 1.5'
15 0.5'