Run: Drum Creek      
Class: III   Put-In: Rice Mill Rd.    
Gradient: 90    Take-Out: Short/CR 414    
Length: 0.85    Precip. Gage: Albertville    
Shuttle: Rice Mill Rd. / CR 414   Delorme Gazeteer: P 26 B1    
Water Q: Primary Gage: None    
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: Visual    
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: Town near Geraldine Short Creek Rt. 75 bridge  
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: 1500 cfs 2'  
An alternate high water put-in for Short Creek.  Required levels are only a guess, look at the put-in rapid.  If it is running well, then the run is generally doable. Outflow from the Albertville sewage system makes this run a multi-sensory treat.  The first rapid is a gas, most of the rest is II/III.  Joins Short right above Short Creek Falls. Watch for wood.

This run only runs when many fun things are going off all over Sand Mtn, and only makes sense to run if combined with
Lower Short, unless you have already made another run that day and desire a quick dessert. But, in the very rare case when other things are not running due to localized rain, this is a fun option. This happened once a few years ago. We were working the cell phone. Sauty was too low, we did not feel like Town, and Scarham was pretty low too. So this was highly amusing in concert with a high run on Lower Short at 2.4'.