Yellow Creek

Yellow runs west to east, and we ran it later in the day in mid-winter.  So the low light backlights these shots, making them not the best.
Mark D' on the put-in rapid.  In the foreground, a large flat rock is covered by water.  The broken off undercut piece of falls to my left has a decent pillow on it.  This is medium to low water.  you could call this "Face Full Falls" because at the little hole about 10' in front of me everyone got a face full of water.  The lighting bites.
Eric runs a little drop not far below the put-in
I think this is Shane Hulsey on a slide.  We stopped here and scouted downstream.  Next is...
The narrow slot undercut rapid.  You can see the rapid above it that Shane's picture was taken on.  There is plenty of room between them.  Nice waterspot huh?

Just below here is...

The big vee slot falls.
Curt Ruffing
Mark D' runs an optional very easy class II that happens to be 75' from certain catastrophe.  The Horizon line leads to...
This slide which is just above...
The top of the big one, Yellow Creek Falls, shown here at a weird angle from above.
The view from the top.  You can see your shuttle vehicle and some of the rapids below.   Not so nice lighting.
Shane executes the proper move at a nice IV below the falls.
The final boof into Weiss Lake.  Shane hits a sweet line to avoid the piton rock to his left.