Upper Johnnies Creek
The beginning of the upper part gets intimate with the trees on the bank, which crowd and overhang the stream.
Here you have a choice between the overhanging tree and the side of a tree.
Heading to the right of a big rock in the middle of the stream bed.
This was the most difficult rapid at about 4" on the river right CR275 gage.  A good lean as you deflected off the boulder the water slams into is required.  The wall on river left in front of the bow in this picture is undercut, to add a little penalty term to the equation.  Not all lines were clean on this run.
A neat funnel rapid, which was immediately followed by a strainer.  Ropes and a strict no-swim policy are wise here.
A tight but easy spot.
This is below the CR47 bridge.  Mellow and once again tree-rich.
The best class III just above the CR275 bridge on 'lower' upper Johnnies.