Lively Creek
One of many rapids in the top section.  Holes were sticky at this level and I may have extricated myself from one of them just before this picture was taken.  
Wade Amis runs far left on a double drop near the top
Greg Lawrence takes flight off the 14' waterfall that marks the end of the easier top section.
Brian McAnally runs the sweet line at the 14'er.  

After this I went into survival mode and only took pictures when I was walking or scouting.  Sorry.

A pretty big drop which I walked but others ran (I think)
The top of the mandatory portage
The sieve in the mandatory portage
The sieve is at what feeds the top of the visible drop here.
Greg runs a drop towards the bottom

KK: The sticky hole pictured (to the boater's right) signals the beginning of the longest and last rapid on the run, with few eddies between individual drops. The last part of this section, immediately after a big landslide on the left, is a 4' boulder jumble which may be too clogged to run except at high water. After this rapid the transition to flatwater is abrupt.