Hog Creek

These Pictures are form two trips. One was at low water in 1996. The other was at beefy to near flood in 2004.

Mike Abernathy getting a shot of a rapid at the top of the run in 1996. This shot is only notable because the next picture... 
Shows the same rapid at a wee higher level in 2004.
Mark D'Agostino on a little number we called Stun Line.
A slide - Mike with John Parker in the distance.  
Dave Branham avoids the big breaker on a similar slide in 2004.
John Parker and Mike Abernathy among the gum trees.  Not whitewater but darn scenic.
 Hog has many very scenic waterfalls cascading over the cliffs that line the first 2/3 of the run.
Mike on a rapid further into the run 
Mike Abernathy on Swine Flume
This log is the primary reason we walked the preceding rapid