Collier Creek

The lead-in drops to Collier Falls
Brian demonstrates the shallowness of the water at the base. A bit higher level and/or a good boof and you are good to go. Portaging is not that easy.
From an overhanging bluff at the falls. The two old support must have been for a mill.
A nice waterfall at the outlet of the Collier Falls pool.
This drop has made its way into various scenery pamphlets and calendars.
Just another typical gorgeous view along this micro-canyon.
Brian at the bottom of the pinched rapid.
Blurry. Maybe this makes the level look less heinously low.
Shagri-La Falls. So nice.
A typical view. I should have used the flash more often.
Fuzzy, but you get the idea. Another scenic bluff, this time with vines.