Some key quotes from a high water January 24, 2010 run :

It was the "Burly" Bear, for sure. I don't know what the level was when we put on, but a check of the gauge around 11:00 showed it to already be at one foot and rising. It continued to rain for the next 2 hours until we put on around 1:00. My best guess is it was somewhere between 2.5 and 3 feet.

Some of the soundbites from the day:

Dalton: "It's class 3."

Dalton: "You want it to be high. It's not running if it isn't high."

Rett: "MarkD is very comfortable on this run." (No offense MarkD, but most 4-5 boaters around the state know that if your write up says you like it, then they will too.)

Willerson: "My head's all fuckered up, now."

Alex: "That rapid sucked my helmet off." (It literally did.)

Rett: "Well, Mason, you could let it heal up without stiches, but the scar is going to be a lot bigger." (Needless to say, the day ended with Dr. Blake stitching up Mason's chin on the tailgate of his truck.)

Dalton: "This is what you get when you underestimate class 3."

Alex: "Well, Burke's boat was already cracked, so it was probably the least valuable thing he had with him." (Be on the lookout for an orange/yellow Nomad.)

The three big slides were HUGE and super fast. Everything in between was a blur. But Dalton was "droppin it like it's hot" and the rest of us were just following closely (maybe a little too close) behind. Anyhow, all's well that ends well.

I've never seen so much water on Lookout Mountain. Everything was flooding. Johnnies must have hit close to 2 feet itself. If you get out on Johnnies today or tomorrow, be on the lookout for any boulders that may have shifted and new wood.


"It's only class V when your upside down" Dalton

My jaws are sore today because I flat wore out a piece of juicy fruit!