Duck River, February 2001
level, 4.7 on internet gauge near Berlin
put-in on 1669 near Fairhope
take-out at Hwy 278 - 2nd bridge down

by Renee Clark

Even though we put on late for a winter run (around 12:30), the 6 miles was easy to make before dark. The river has a fairly narrow stream bed, about the size of the Cartecay in Georgia, with nice sized bluffs along the banks. It was very scenic, with good current. The only problem was several logjams; but we were able to get thru all, even though it was tight in places. It might have been more difficult for large canoes, but it still could be done. The rapids are class I-II, and at this level a little boney. The put-in and take-out are both fairly easy for any type of boat. This run would be suitable for beginners, up