Run: Stone Creek    
Class: II (IV-?)   Put-In: Oak Heights Rd.**
Gradient: 60 (1.6)   Take-Out: Boat Ramp on Tallapoosa River
Length: 1.6   Precip. Gages:  
Shuttle: Oak Heights/ SR14/ Hwy 229   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 46 B2
Water Q: Primary Gage: None
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: Visual 
  PICTURES Indicator Gage:  
  TRIP REPORT Required Level:  
Stone is not that great but it's local water if you are in Tallassee after a big rain. It has one good rapid (Zipper, as we call it) and a lot of little junk with a bunch of strainers you have to limbo under. The creek is very small and if it looks like there is enough water to get you around the corner then it's enough for the rest of it. The run is class II with Zipper and the logs pushing it to a technical III (not hard but enough to make you look downstream).

** If the put in road name is not correct, the way to get there is to cross over the Tallapoosa (river right to left) at Tallassee, go about 1 mile, then turn right at a church. The put-in bridge is maybe 1/2 mile at most down that road. The put-in itself is rather interesting. When Jason Banks and I started doing this run there was a huge patch of kudzu at the bottom of the bridge. You could either fight your way through it or (more fun way) you could slide about 20 yards down the hill and blast through it (one of the pictures shows the slide).

Zipper is the only significant rapid. There are some smaller 1-2' ledges downstream, and lost of fast shoals. The biggest hazards are trees that cross the creek and can sneak up on you. There is also a very nice rock bluff towards the end.

The take-out is on the

- Mike Huff