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Run: Enitachopco Creek      
Sections: Multiple (see text)      
Class: I/II   Put-In: Hwy 9 / Bluff Valley / Plyers Mill    
Gradient: 16.5'/mi. overall   Take-Out: Bluff Valley / Pyers Mill / Sandford Rd    
Length: 21.75 miles to Hillabee   Precip. Gages: ?    
Shuttle: Hwy9 / CR5 / CR63...   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 39 A/B/C7     
Water Q: Primary Gage: None    
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: Visual     
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: Hillabee nr Hackneyville    
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: ?    
This is not a creek for serious whitewater enthusists. However it is pretty and fun. It can be challenging for beginners in traditional canoes at high flows. The first section, down to Bluff Springs, should only be done after recent rains. From Bluff Springs, the creek can be run in all but late summer flows. The fishing is good, camp spots are not as good. If multiday trips are your thing, this creek can be run all the way to Hwy 22 near Alexander City.

The runs begin just south of Ashland on Hwy 9. Continue on down Hwy 9 a couple of miles to CR 5. A turn left off this road will access the creek the entire length of the road. When CR 5 ends, turn left on Hwy 63, then immediately left on Sandford Rd, this will access the creek again. Cross Sandford bridge, go to the stop sign, turn right on Cowpens Rd. Cowpens Rd ends at the Hillabee bridge on Hwy 22.

Now let's start at the top and talk about the runs. The first section is a lively section. It is narrow and fast with some 2ft ledge drops. After about 30 min into the run, pay attention to the left bank. There is a small cave. The locals call it the rock house. It is at a hard right turn. After appo. 1 hour you will cross under Owens rd. After about another hour you will pass under New Prospect Rd. Next pay attention to the right bank. One of Alabama's largest pine trees grows about 10 ft off the creek bank. The run ends in Bluff Springs on Bluff Valley Rd. To get to the take out, turn left off CR 5 onto Bishop Rd. Bishop dead ends into Bluff Valley Rd at the bridge. The entire run takes about 3 hrs.

The next run is from Bluff Springs to Plyer's Mill. Plyers Mill Rd turns off CR 5. This is a lazy run. There is one decent little rapid at Bull Hole. If the creek is low, you will drag, if it is up, it can be fun. I used to squirrel hunt this section from canoe back in the good ole days. About a half day float. Good fishing.

From Plyers Mill to Sandford is basically more of the same with a mile section of decent rapids thrown in. When you see the creek littered with rocks about the size of your head and the current turns left into a slot downstream, then you are at the old dam that once provided power for the gold mines on Hog Mountian. The trip takes about a half day in good water. If you plan to fish, figure on all day. About 3/4 way down, Little Hillabee runs in from the left. This begins Hillabee Creek.

Donald Macon

Finally, as of late 2010:

Maggie Johnston now owns the cabin on the hill across Talladega Creek from the Waldo Old Mill restaurant and rents it out as a guest house. This as an option for boaters who are interested in paddling Talladega Creek, Hatchet Creek or others in the area. See her
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