Run: Dry (Sauty) Creek    
Class: V   Put-In: CR 44  
Gradient: 160,260,20   Take-Out: Boat Ramp Morgantown  
Length: 2.5   Precip Gage: Henagar  
Shuttle: CR 44 / CR 38 / CR 43-56 / CR 43 / CR 50 / SR 227 / Boat Ramp   Delorme Gazetteer: P. 20 G3/H3  
Water Q: Primary Gage: Put-in bridge  
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: 0'*  
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: S. Sauty Town near Geraldine
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: 1'+ (new gage) 1000
Dry/Sauty is somewhere between Johnnies and Jones in difficulty. The small creek has some big drops formed by enormous boulders. It starts with some class IV with undercuts (see pictures) right at the top, flattens out to III and IV for quite a ways, then the bottom drops out. Several steep class V rapids with undercuts, sieves, falls, holes, etc. can be found. The steep part goes on for a fair while. Towards the bottom you paddle through a clearcut with predictable log problems. Take out is at the boat ramp slightly upstream on Lake Guntersville. The Shuttle is long for Sand Mountain, about 19 miles one way. About 85% of the logs were chopped out of the upper 2/3 this run in the Fall of 1999, but to my amazement it has many logs back in it in March 2001. The top part was again cleared in the fall of 2002. Running this with too much water might be more excitement than you want. It does not take that much.

* A gage has been painted. 0' is about 3" above the upper, smaller shelf on the put-in bridge downstream concrete support. This would be a good low level. We ran it once at about the shelf level and it was doable but painfully low. This gage may be gone due a new bridge being put in, BTW.

Below is a profile of the creek gradient. These data are not as accurate as the gradient field above but do give a graphical feel for how the gradient is distributed.