Run: Blackwater Creek      
Class: II   Put-In: Rt. 257(County Road 41)    
Gradient: 15'/mile   Take-Out: Walston Bridge Rd.    
Length: 4   Precip Gage:      
Shuttle: Rt. 257/ Airport Rd./ Arkadelphia/ Walston Br.   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 24 H1    
Water Q: Primary Gage: Blackwater nr Manchester (Rt. 257)    
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: 200 cfs    
  PICTURES Indicator Gage:      
  TRIP REPORT Required Level:      
Notes: GOOGLE MAP          
Located just north of Jasper, Blackwater creek is a scenic 4-mile trip with Class II rapids and shoals. This makes a great introductory whitewater trip for the beginner and seems to run more often than many other rivers in the state. This is probably due to higher rain amounts to the west and a swamp upstream acting as a capacitor for the flow. Blackwater will go up to a level after a rain and then hold there for a day or two rather than falling off sharply.

At 500 cfs, there is a great surfing wave adjacent to a Boy Scout campground which is complete with picnic tables and shelter (a great place for lunch). There is one good, long Class II+ rapid with a good surf spot in the final drop. Ideal level is between 500 and 750 cfs. A 1500 cfs trip will be a quick run with fast water and big waves; the longest rapid may have big holes at this level. Over 500 cfs, there is a fair bit of play on several spots along the river.

If you're looking for a shuttle, the owner of the craft shop adjacent to the take-out bridge will provide this service for a fee. As a footnote, fishing in the spring is said to be excellent on this creek. (Murray Carroll)