Run: Blackoak Creek    
Class: III-IV   Put-In: Rt. 227  
Gradient: 70, 60, 110, 100, 90   Take-Out: Town Grunt  
Length: 4.9   Precip Gage: Grove Oak  
Shuttle: Rt. 227   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 20 H3  
Water Q: Primary Gage: Put-In Bridge  
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: 0'  
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: Town near Geraldine S.Sauty
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: 2000 or Rising 2' (new) 5'5" (old)
Notes: VIDEO        
Super sweet creeky III/III+ with a touch of IV.  Only runs occasionally.  It makes a big difference whether the Town gage is rising or falling.  South Sauty must generally be over 2' on the new gage.  Check at the Blackoak put-in bridge gage.  0' is really too low, 2" is much better, 1' is meaty, 6-8"or so is ideal.  3' is dangerous but doable by some. We verified that 15" is exciting but runnable. The problem with 15" is a some of the technical character is gone and you end up with lots of hole dodging.

The first mile or so is fairly uneventful. Once a rapid with a boof left appears, the action begins. Only two rapids are definitely class IV, but there is a lot of III+. With the number of strong III's it warrants an easy IV rating at moderate levels. At high levels (>1.5'?), it is a definite IV with some push.

A particularly fun rapid can be called 'the bed'. The bed begins with some big pillows, eddies through the mattress, then you fall off the 5' high endboard. A slide about halfway down often has good surfing. The good rapids come in two parts separated by a flatter section.

The second part has several fun rapids, and two of particular note. One is a triple slot: The left slot is now finally do-able with a slide to the right edge since the tree that partially blocked it for years shifted in the big flood of spring '03. The hardest rapid is towards the end and involves going right to left to avoid a hole and catch a leaky eddy on the left. Watch out if you catch the eddy low, a slot may suck you in. At high water, the hole can take you down and put you through the slot whether you like it or not. It has a semi-distinct horizon line with a narrow line against a rock on the right and a hole upstream of an eddy on the left. A scout is often in order here.

As of summer 2003, there is a lot of wood in Blackoak. None of it requires a walk at 2", but higher levels may require some portages. Most dangerous in the second drop of the bed, to the left of the pillows. There are two bad logs here. Alternate routes exist to the right but a scout may be required.