Run: Blackburn Fork of the Warrior River      
Class: III (IV-V)   Put-In: House Rd, Rt. 15 dirt road    
Gradient: 60, 20, 20, 20   Take-Out: Rt. 15, Little Warrior    
Length: 4.5          
Shuttle: CR 15   Delorme Gazeteer: P. 25 H8/H7/G7    
Water Q: Primary Gage: Put-In Bridge (River Rt.)    
Links: TOPO MAP Required Level: 1.5?    
  PICTURES Indicator Gage: Locust at Cleveland Inland Lake Level  
  TRIP REPORT Required Level: 6' (&/or rising) Above Full Pool (>784')  
Notes: GOOGLE MAP          
from Tim Hudson: The Blackburn is one the best beginner creekin runs this far south. When the lake fills up & pours over, it runs for days. The water is clear, warm, & clean (as water can be in the dirty south). It starts slow and scenic and goes right by some Histroric Caves. A few little drops, then the river drops out of sight. Eddy out on either side & scout! The portage as I call it, Pall Mall Falls is a sweet rapid, but deserves alot of caution. I think it is like a rapid in the Little River Suicide Section. Best level in my opinion is 3'. It gets pushy above that & scrapy below that level. I have run it from 3.1' to 2.75'. And once again my opinion is solid class 5, not because of the move, but if you mess up you may get dead. The hole river left sieves out, and you must make it right at the bottom. You can portage easy on either side, just respect the land owner, He likes to keep it private, but doesn't mind to see people enjoy the river. The next 200 yards are some fun class 3 rapids, that can compare to rapids on Town creek. So if you think you are ready for more than the Locust Fork, these rapids will let you know. But then it is class 1 scenic flat for about a mile & a half, but not too bad, the higher the water. Just be prepared to float out.

The shuttle is pretty easy. House Rd is the put-in, right off C.R. 15, near Limestone Springs. The take-out is on C.R. 15, park up the hill from the bridge, on the corner of Deavers Town RD & C.R. 15. Parking at the bridge will get you TOWED, so do not do it.

This run features both a legacy visual gauge as well as a new online gauge courtesy of the folks at Streambeam. Once the lake upstream is full and spilling over the dam, 2 feet on the visual gauge is low & scrapy but you can make it down river, and only walk the portage. 4 feet is going to be pretty high & pushy so use your on judgement on that. The gauge is on the river right hand side, under the put-in bridge, hard to see, but walk out on the bridge and look under it. As of 4-2011 in only goes to 3.1 because it broke off, but I will fix it these summer.

The Streambeam gauge is located on the takeout bridge, and appears to correlate well with the visual gauge at the put-in. It can be accessed via the link below to check the level before leaving your house; on this gauge, look for 1.25' as a minumum, 2.25' for good flow, and 3.75' for high flow. The correlation is still being developed, and timestamped visuals of the put-in gauge can be submitted via the Streambeam web site to solidify the relation between the visual and Streambeam gauges.

Streambeam Blackburn Gauge